Announcing a temporary pause for the Bento Society.
In the coming weeks and months, the Bento Society will evolve and launch new projects with these three pillars in mind. As we continue pursuing our…
The Weekly Bento // August 27th - In this issue: Building your life compass with the Bento Method; Bento Founders Club; The Weekly Bento
The Weekly Bento // August 20th, 2021 In this week’s issue: Make your entry in the Bento Society Time Capsule, The virtues of Obliquity with member…
Announcing a new tradition from the Bento Society
The Weekly Bento // August 6, 2021 Hello my friends and welcome to the Weekly Bento. Of all the emails you did read or could have read today, thanks for…
The things we carry - Recommended: 🎉 Bento Park Clean-up, WEIRD People; News: ⏱️ Weekly Bento; Reflection: 🤔 The Things We Carry
Opening: What’s your culture? DAOs and clans, Alice Coltrane, Konosuke Matsushita
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