How to be a Bentoist

A new season of Bento Groups

The Bento is a tool. Like all tools, the Bento becomes more useful and you become more skilled the more you use it. Using the Bento develops a clearer picture of your current and future needs, and the considerations of the people who matter most.

Being a Bentoist means learning to instinctively use the Bento as one of your mental models, and knowing how to apply its lessons to the real world. The slideshows on the Bento Society website are a great place to start, as are our videos. But the best way to learn how to be a Bentoist is by practicing with others.

How to be a Bentoist
A new Bento Group experience

On February 10th a new Bento Group experience will launch called “How to be a Bentoist.” Over six weeks, we’ll gather in small groups to learn and practice using the Bento and other mental models together.

How it works:

  • Each Bento Group is five to ten people

  • Groups meet for one hour each Wednesday for 6 weeks from Feb 10 to Mar 17 (you choose a group that fits your schedule)

  • Groups receive weekly instructions that guide a progressive journey

Exercises include:

  • Future architecting

  • Building your Bento

  • Learning your shadow

Bento Groups are open to members of the Bento Society. You can become a member here. Last fall was the first Bento Groups experience, and a big success.

Join us:

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How to be a Bentoist (Pt 1)
Wednesdays, Feb 10 — Mar 17

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