Old growth vs new growth (TBS #29)

Hi there and welcome to the Bento Society. I’m Yancey Strickler.

An announcement to start today:

The first Bento Society Town Hall

I’m excited to announce the first-ever Bento Society Town Hall next Sunday, November 15. Over the course of 90 minutes, I’ll present the Bento Society’s plans for 2021, talk about our larger goals, and lead a group discussion and open floor. I hope you’ll join. RSVP here:

The Bento Society Town Hall
Sunday Nov 15 1pm EST

RSVP for Bento Society Town Hall

The Weekly Bento w/ special guest

This Sunday the Weekly Bento will have a special guest: Gillian Morris, a Bento Society member who’s in the midst of a fascinating coliving experiment I wrote about last week. Gillian will join us to talk about her project and how she came to pursue it. RSVP here:

The Weekly Bento
Sunday Nov 8 12pm EST

RSVP for Nov 8 Weekly Bento

If you can’t make the event, this video is a helpful guide to making your Weekly Bento.

Old growth vs new growth

The column on the left represents where we are now. The column on the right represents where we need to go. Are there plausible paths for how the world moves from the left column to the right?

We explored this question at last Sunday’s Weekly Bento. First with a fifteen minute presentation by me, and then an amazing group discussion that included insights from a First Nations leader, data scientists, arts professionals, and entrepreneurs on their experiences dealing with these issues. The conversation was so remarkable I’ve uploaded the whole thing. Highly recommended:

Thanks to everyone for sharing your insights. Much more on this in an upcoming essay.

The return of the Retro Bento

This week the Retro Bento returns. The Retro Bento is a casual hour on Fridays for people to get together and reflect on the week that was (and what a week this one in particular was). RSVP here:

The Retro Bento
Friday Nov 6 3pm EST

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Peace and love my friends,

The Bento Society