Our first anniversary and April events

Doughnut Economics meets the Bento, a new data roundtable, and more

This April marks the one year anniversary of the first Weekly Bento (here’s the video of the first one), and the birth of the Bento Society as a living, breathing thing.

A lot has happened in the year since: hundreds of events, thousands of attendees, and a global community that did not exist a year ago.

What stands out to me a year later are how many major life changes people have made. I’ve seen so many people change careers, have major leaps in personal growth, or commit themselves to their dreams, with the Bento or the Bento community being some part of why. This is an inspiring and contagious group of people.

Here’s what’s happening at the Bento Society this month.

April events

Finally, here’s a video of last week’s Quarterly Bento. To check in and make progress on your goals for 2021, watch and follow along:

Peace and love my friends,

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