The Bento Society Summer 2020 Survey

Hi there and welcome to the Bento Society. I’m Yancey Strickler. How’s everybody doing? Hanging in there?

This week’s email is a simple one. Just four links.


A three minute survey about The Bento Society

What’s good about The Bento Society? What could be better? How should it evolve? This movement is a co-creation and I’d love your feedback. Please share your perspective here. 🙏


What’s after capitalism?

This is a video of last Sunday’s Weekly Bento event. Look for a full post in an upcoming issue.


The Weekly Bento archive

This spreadsheet details each Weekly Bento event to date, including topic and video links. This will be kept updated moving forward.


This week’s schedule

This week marks the fifteenth straight week of events, and the 25th individual event. Thank you to everyone who has joined so far! 🎉 This week’s schedule:

Weekly Bento
Sunday July 19
12pm EST
Goal setting, prioritization, introspection

Group Bento
Wednesday July 22
3pm EST
Macro-issues, collaborative problem-solving

Retro Bento
Friday July 24
3pm EST
Accountability and reflection

All are open to all. Friends, family, and roommates welcome. RSVP for all events here.

Thank you for responding to the survey. 🙏

Peace and love my friends,

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