The Bento Society #16: The Trust

Hello and welcome to the Bento Society. How’s everybody doing today?

Here’s this week’s schedule:

The Weekly Bento

Topic: The Council
Short Description: After setting weekly goals, participants will dive into the unknown with an awareness-building experiment in breakout groups.
Objective: Increase self-awareness, curiosity, and active listening; set the week’s priorities

Sunday July 26, 2020
12pm EST
(1 hour)
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The Group Bento

Topic: The Trust
Short Description: Dive deep into the challenges of a community member while they silently observe.
Objective: Engage active listening, creative problem-solving, communal consciousness

Wednesday July 29, 2020
3pm EST
(1 hour)
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The Retro Bento

Short Description: Reflect on the week’s accomplishments and challenges in a relaxed social setting with other Bento Society members.
Objective: Accountability, practice using the Bento, friendship and co-learning

Friday July 31, 2020
3pm EST
(1 hour)
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  • Thanks to everyone who responded to last week’s survey. I’ll be sharing results and more on the Bento Society’s future in an upcoming email.

  • Almost 1,000 people RSVP’d for the Bentoism workshop with Creative Mornings this past week. An exciting sign of how much our experiment is growing.

  • Is there something you’d be interested in seeing discussed in a future Bento Society newsletter or event? Reply to this message with requests or suggestions.

Peace and love my friends,

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