The Bento Society #17: Lego building

Welcome to the Bento Society. My name is Yancey Strickler.

I came across a fascinating video the other day.

A child tries to put together a Lego while his stress levels are shown on screen.

First we see how he feels while trying to do it by himself. Then we see how his feelings change when Mom starts helping. 

I showed this video at last week’s Group Bento. Later a participant observed this same dynamic in their breakout group. Listen:

If you’re looking to lower your stress or feel connected to others, join one of this week’s events.

The Weekly Bento

Description: After setting the week’s priorities, participants will dive into an awareness-building experience in breakout groups.
Objectives: Increase self-awareness, curiosity, and active listening; set the week’s priorities

Sunday August 2, 2020
12pm EST
(1 hour)
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RSVP for The Weekly Bento

The Group Bento

Description: Dive deep into the challenges of a community member (or your own)
Objective: Engage active listening, creative problem-solving, communal consciousness

Wednesday August 5, 2020
3pm EST
(1 hour)
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The Retro Bento

Description: Reflect on the week in a relaxed social setting
Objective: Accountability, practice using the Bento, friendship and co-learning

Friday August 7, 2020
3pm EST
(1 hour)
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Peace and love,

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