The Bento Society #9: The Weekly Bentos

My friends, I hope you're safe and well. I’m writing to invite you to three bento events this week.

  • Two Weekly Bento sessions, which are open to everyone

  • One Advanced Bento session for people who have made their bentos or joined a weekly session before

This marks the ninth consecutive week of the Bentoism experiments. Over this time a wonderful community has begun to form. Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far.

If you have yet to join, I’ve uploaded a video of last week's session here. It includes several exercises, including drawing the story of your life, visualizing your bento, and a journaling exercise to prepare you for the week ahead. Have pen and paper ready while you watch to join in.

During real-time sessions, these exercises are surrounded by conversations and breakout sessions (I've edited them out of the video for reasons of privacy). The feedback and interactivity are some of the most rewarding parts of the experience.

This week

This week we'll go deeper into our bentos, becoming more familiar with our Future Me, Now Us, and Future Us voices. We’ll also start exploring our past selves for the first time. The links to join are below. It would be wonderful to see you there.

Peace and love,

The Bento Society


The Weekly Bento
Sunday June 7
12pm EST
Zoom link

The Weekly Bento (with the Stoa)
Monday June 8
6pm EST

Advanced Bentoism
Wednesday June 10
4pm EST
Zoom link

PS: There's now a Bentoism Slack Channel. Join here.
PPS: This week's Watercooler Google Doc.
PPPS: The Bento Society newsletter